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ALIEN Series Trivia

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This section is loaded with little bits of trivia related to the ALIEN series. This can include budgets, awards, how condoms made it on the ALIEN Queen...things like that. All of these have been collected from a wide variety of sources. If you have any additions, please email me.

 ALIEN Trivia

    *- Before H.R. Giger became involved with ALIEN, artist Ronn Cobb contributed early designs for the creatures. Three other science fiction films he would later work on: Star Wars (including the ALIENS in the Cantina scenes), Conan the Barbairan, and the Last Starfighter.

    *- Screenwriter Dan O'Bannon had a classmate at the University of Southern California Film School (1968 - 1970) who would become well known for his own horror films. His name? John Carpenter!

    *- Walter Hill was responsible for the character named 'Ripley' in the ALIEN screenplay.

    *- Joseph Conrad's novels have inspired the names of many ships in the ALIEN series, such as the 'Nostromo, Sulaco, and the Narcissus.'

    *- Ridley Scott's first movie, "The Duel" was also based on a Joseph Conrad novel.

    *- Hemant J. Naidu. passes along the more universal definition of the Narcissus: Narcissism is loving one's self, that is, being infatuated with one's self. Loving one's mother is based on the "Oedipus Rex" syndrome. It is the myth of the boy who killed his father so he could marry his mother.
    Andy C. clarifies this further: Narcissism is an hellenic word not a latin word. Narcissism comes from Ancient Hellas and means to be in love with yourself not your mother there is another hellenic word for this. So the connection to the name of the ship and the Mainframe called Mother simply does not exist. K. Murphy clarifies: The real myth says that he (Oedipus) went to a prophet who said that he would kill his father and marry his mother. To prevent this, he left his adopted home, and travelled to the land where his real father ruled. His father had been recently killed (accidentally by Oedipus), and his mother, not recognizing him, married him. When he found out about this, he found that his mother had hanged herself (she had just found out, too) and he gouged out his eyes. Their four children that they had ended up all dying except for, I believe, the youngest daughter.

    *- "In space, no one can hear you scream." This famous tag line for ALIEN is not only chilling but accurate. In the vacuum of deep space, there is no atmosphere to carry vibrations, which are what the human ear translates into sounds. Every movie in the ALIEN series, other than ALIEN 3, breaks this physical property.

    *- Art Director Carlo Rambaldi earned three Oscars, including one for ALIEN. His other awards came from DiLaurentiis's King Kong (1977), and Spielberg's ET: The Extraterrestrial (1983).

    *- Early in preproduction, a serious candidate to wear teh suit required to perform the role of the adult Alien was Peter Mayhew, well known for his other role dressed up in a costume to play an alien - Chewbacca the Wookie in Star Wars.

    *- Giger's conception of the adult alien, as molded into life-size props, was kept a tremendous secret during filming, not only from the press and public, but from the cast and crew of ALIEN as well -- even up to the first day of shooting.

    *- Giger's miniature topographies, props filmed as the planetoid background in ALIEN, were constructed in part from actual human skeletons.

    *- The life-size wuit that represents the adult alien incorporated bits of human bones.

    *- The navigational coordinates for the planetoid in ALIEN is "Quadrant points QBR 157,052." That line was to have been spoken by Dallas, but is not in the finished film.

    *- Director Ridley Scott's original idea for the actor to play the role of Dallas, captain of the Nostromo, was Harrison Ford, who had just finished playing another Space Jockey, Han Solo in Star Wars. Although Ford was not cast, he went on to star in Scott's next film, Blade Runner.

    *- In 1980, Sphinx Verlag of Switzerland published Giger's Alien, describing the Oscar-winning work of the orignal designer. The American "guru" of psychedelic drug use, Timothy Leary. Timothy Leary is also actress Winona Ryder's (Alien Resurrection) godfather.

    *- The Spanish version of the title translates as "Alien: The 8th Passenger."

    *- The Polish premiere of ALIEN was August 21st, 1980; a full year after its North American debut.

    *- The Polish title of Alien is Obcy Osmy Pasazer Nostromo, which translates to 'ALIEN: The 8th Passenger of the Nostromo.' [Thanks to Martin S.]

    *- Originally to be directed by Walter Hill, but he pulled out and gave the job to Ridley Scott.

    *- Roger Dicken, who designed and operated the "face hugger" and the "chest burster," had originally wanted the latter to pull itself out of Kane's torso with its own little hands, a sequence he felt would have produced a much more horrifying effect than the gratuitous blood and guts in the release print.

    *- The alien's habit of laying eggs in the stomach (which then burst out) is similar to the life-cycle of the tsetse fly.

    *- A lawsuit by A.E. van Vogt, claiming plagiarism of his 1939 story "Discord in Scarlet" (which he had also incorporated in the 1950 novel "Voyage of the Space Beagle"), was settled out of court.

    *- An early draft of the script had a male Ripley.

    *- In the scene where Dallas, Kane and Lambert are leaving the ship, the actual actors walking past the Nostromo's landing struts are 3 children (two of whom were Scott's children dressed in scaled down spacesuits. This has the effect of making the ship look bigger.

    *- A sex scene between Dallas and Ripley was in the script, but was not filmed.

    *- The front (face) part of the alien costume's head is made from a real human skull.

    *- The rumour that only John Hurt and the crew knew exactly what was going to happen during the stomach-bursting scene is false.
    UPDATE: Thanks to Paul for this: You state that the rumor that only John Hurt and the crew knew what would happen during the chest-bursting scene is false. However, the 20th Anniversary DVD includes a comment that supports that "rumor." Since Scott probably had to approve everything on the disk (his "signature" is on the booklet insert) you would think he would have removed that if it weren't true.

    *- Scott is reportedly quoted as saying that originally he wanted a much darker ending. He planned on having the alien bite off Ripley's head in the escape shuttle, sit in her chair, and then start speaking with her voice in a message to Earth. Apparently, 20th Century Fox wasn't too pleased with such a dark ending.

    *- The Polish title, translated back to English, is "The 8th passenger of the Nostromo."

    *- The reported budget of ALIEN was $11 million dollars.

    *- ALIEN made $60.2 million dollars in the US and Canada during its initial release, and $40.3 million dollars from rentals.

    *- Production Dates for ALIEN were from 5 July 1978 - December 1978, and Filmed at Studio Location Shepperton Studios, Shepperton, Surrey (UK).

    *- Dan O'Bannon employed elements from his movie 'Dark Star' into the ALIEN script. Click Here for more info on that. Also, the computer in Dark Star was named 'MOTHER', the same as in ALIEN. Click Here for a comparison and pictures. It states: "This is the main screen of the ship's computer, named "Mother." If that name sounds familiar, it should. The main computer of the starship "Nostromo" in Ridley Scott's Alien (1979) is also named "Mother." Alien was written by Dan O'Bannon, who also co-wrote Dark Star with John Carpenter and portrays Pinback in the film. Mother is a female version of HAL-9000, speaking in a calm soothing voice while the ship and the mission come apart at the seams." [Special thanks to Matthijs!]

    * Sigourney Weaver was on 'Inside the Actor's Studio' and mentioned the following (thanks to tonyman):

      * Sigourney was supposed to be nude during the final sequence of "Alien." The Alien was supposed to be curious about her nude form. This sequence was not filmed due to time/budget constraints. It was the last day of shooting and the orders were to finish the filming by that day.

      * As a CO-producer of "Alien3" she agreed with the decision to kill "Ripley." She thought it was cruel to keep bringing the character out of hypersleep, just to have to face mortal danger again.

      * She retold the story of her responses to Ridley Scott when she was being interviewed for the part of Ripley. The casting director kept trying to get her to shut up, so she wouldn't blow the audition.

      * Sigourney also said that Ridley Scott hid the Alien on the set during the Shuttle scene. She was flipping buttons to prepare the shuttle for her to go to hypersleep when the Alien's hand suddenly shot out. She said it caused her to jump back a few feet. She did not indicate whether this was filmed or not.

    *- 1980 Academy Awards Nominations for ALIEN:
      * H.R. Giger, Carlo Rambaldi, Nick Allder, Denys Ayling, and Brian Johnson for Best Visual Effects (winners).
    *- Who is the only actor/actress to be killed by the Alien *twice*? It is John Hurt, who not only died due to the chestburster in ALIEN, but had a rather traumatic alien experience again during the diner scene in the comedy 'spaceballs.' (See the References area.

 ALIENS Trivia

    *- Only 6 Alien suits were used.

    *- Most ALIENS Research and Development time was on the 'Motion' of the Alien.

    *- Gymnasts and Acrobats were in the ALIEN Suits.

    *- Carrie Henn was 'discovered' on a Military Base.

    *- The Background images during the Inquest contain great info (you can see on the DVD.)

    *- Syd Mead (Visual Futurist for Blade Runner) designed the SULACO.

    *- A Mirror was used in the hypersleep chamber to make it seem bigger.

    *- The SULACO pressure door was designed by Syd Mead.

    *- The "land rover" (ALIENS SE) was designed by James Cameron.

    *- A 'Half Moon' is seen on the landscape.

    *- ALIENS gave the planetoid a more formal nomenclature, "LV-426," and its name Acheron. In Greek mythology, Acheron is the river of woe and pain, in the underworld land of the damned.

    *- One of the sets was kept intact after filming. It was later used as the Axis Chemicals set for Batman (1989).

    *- More on filming locations:
    Thanks to Jon - The scene when the marines have the fire fight with the Aliens in the Hive was filmed at a former British Power electrical sub station. Actually this is not the only film that this substation has apeared in. I believe that this same location was used in the film Batman with Michael Keaton as the chemical works.
    Pete adds - The power station used in Aliens is called Battersea Power Station - it's in London and yes, it was also used in Batman. The place supplied power to the area until 1980. It's a very distinctive building, with a tall chimney at each corner. The band Pink Floyd used it on the cover of their "Animals" album (I think) so you can probably catch a peek of it from there. I heard that a Canadian circus company has recently bought it! When the crew working on the film "Batman" used Battersea power station, they actually found large parts of the alien hive from ALIENS still intact. This might be from the Legacy DVD box set, so you might already know this.

    *- A draft of the script had Gorman being paralyzed by a stinger on the tail of an alien, rather than being clobbered by falling equipment.

    *- Michael Biehn's character gets bitten on the hand by another character. This happens to him in every James Cameron movie he's in - see Abyss, The (1989) and Terminator, The (1984).

    *- In an early draft of the script, Bishop claims to have been made by "Cyberdyne", a company from Terminator, The (1984).

    *- The mechanism used to make the face-huggers thrash about in the stasis tubes in the science lab came from one of the "flying piranhas" in one of Cameron's earlier movies Piranha II: The Spawning (1981). It took 9 people to make the face-hugger work; one person for each leg and one for the tail.

    *- The APC was modelled after an airplane tug.

    *- More on the APC/TUG:
    Jon reports - The working APC was actually a retired Jumbo Jet tug from London Heathrow airport. Apparently the film production crew heard that the tug was being retired and was up for sale so they brought one. They stripped it down from 72 tonnes to 28 tonnes (getting rid of 4 inch steel plating and the lead lined wheels). Then they put 1/4 inch steel around it and dressed it up. It had four wheel drive and four wheel steering and was driven by one of the airport staff. However being limited in speed and manaueverability, a lot of the APC shots were sixth scale models. [Big thanks to Jon!]

    *- "She thought they said `illegal aliens' and signed up..." said Hudson. This line (directed towards Vasquez) was in inside joke amongst the actors. Jenette Goldstein (Vasquez) had gone to the audition thinking the film would be about illegal immigrants. She arrived with waist-long hair and lots of makeup. Everyone else was wearing military fatigues.

    *- During the scene inside the APV preparing for battle, "El riesgo vive siempre!" can be seen scrawled in white across Vasquez's armor. This is Spanish for "Risk lives always."

    *- Dropship 2 is called "Smart Ass", with the motto "We aim by PFM" (Pure Fucking Magic)

    *- Frosts T-shirt "Peace through superior firepower"

    *- ALIENS made $10m (US) on its opening weekend (18 July 1986), in the US and Canada.

    *- ALIENS domestic gross was $81.843m (US).

    *- ALIENS has made $43.753m (US) in rentals.

    *- 1987 Academy Award Nominations for ALIENS:

      *Graham V. Hartsone, Nicolas Le Messurier, Michael A. Carter, and Roy Charman for Best Sound.
      *James Horner for Best Music (Original Score.)
      *Peter Lamont and Crispian Sallis for Best Art Direction / Set Decoration.
      *Ray Lovejoy for Best Film Editing.
      *Don Sharpe (winner) for Best Sond Effects Editing.
      *Robert Skotak, Stan Winston, John Richardson II, and Suzanne M. Benson (winners) for Best Visual Effects.
      *Sigourney Weaver for Best Actress.
    *- In a famous scene, restored only in the director's cut of ALIENS, Ellen Ripley looks at a photograph of her daugter, only to find out from Carter Burke that the child died while Ripley was in hypersleep. The photograph she looks at is actually of actress Sigourney Weaver's mother.

    *- Condoms made up some of the 'tendons' on the ALIEN creatures.

    *- The Milky White fluid that burst out of Bishop near the end of the movie was Yogurt & Milk. "It was a mix of milk and yogurt,' Henriksen says. 'It made me very sick, because the prop people had done a mix of it early in the morning, and then left it out as we worked all day, and it went bad. The first time I tasted it, I got so sick from it, but I just had to keep working , no matter hom sick I felt. I was spewing that stuff 10 feet and the fact that it tasted absolutely horrible helped get it out, and with my 'death-throes' espression.' Now you know."

    *- One interesting note is that the role of D. Hicks, which was portrayed by Michael Biehn, did not start off with this cahracter. It was James Remar who held the role for a few days into shooting. Cameron and Remar had "artisitic differences" (rumoured to be drugs...), and Remar was out; and Biehn, who had worked with James Cameron before on 'The Terminator,' was in.

    *- "These movies have so much smoke and incense....every time I go into a church now, all I can think of are Aliens, Aliens, Aliens!" - Sigourney Weaver [From mid-1997 magazine]

    *- An arcade game of ALIENS was created. It had a picture of Ripley on one side, and either an Alien or Hicks on the other. You could take the role of Ripley / Hicks and blast many Aliens in this shoot-em up adventure. [Thanks to harshlanguage13 for sending that in] As Mark L. reports "Ripley looked like Ripley for once." In the ALIENS arcade game, which he found at Niagara Falls, and right around the falls, kind of underground there's the arcade game. [Thanks Mark!]

    *- The second dropship is named "Bugstomper". It has an image of an eagle wearing sneakers and the text "we endanger species" written beneath it. [Thanks to Martin H!]

    *- Ferro, the dropship pilot, has "Fly the friendly skies" written on her helmet, hinting to a United Airlines slogan.

    *- From Pepe, clarifying the meaning of 'Ferro', the nickname of the pilot in ALIENS.
    I studied latin 5 years and i must say that "Ferro" does not mean "to carry". The guy mad a small mistake, because actually "to carry" is translated into "Fero". "Ferro", instead, means exactly "Iron" in italian language.

    *- Scott Oliverson passed along some information on the ALIEN WAR attraction.

      In this WALK-THROUGH attraction, based on the four hit films you and other guests are invited to an OPEN HOUSE at the WAYLAND-YUTANI CORPORATION laboratory complex on a remote planet to see some ALIENS who have been captured by the weapons division and being held in suspended animation or frozen sleep. UN/NATO Colonial Marines escort you through the base while telling you about the monsters when suddenly another marine comes running up, face white as a sheet. He explains that the creatures have escaped their containment systems due to a breach in the system and now are hunting their prey. So now you and the other guests are running for your lives in terror through darkened corridors & hallways while trying to avoid being captured or killed by the ALIENS! Suddenly the xenomorph monsters jump out of hiding, hissing and screeching in triumph from all directions as they attempt to kill you but the marines retaliate by blasting the creatures with their pulse rifles & smart guns. In the end you and the others escape to safety back into the real world!
    *- Scott also sent some ALIENS: Ride info.
      This turbo-ride, motion-based simulation is located at San Francisco's Pier-39. It too allows visitors to reenact a scary scene from one of the ALIEN movies. First you are standing in the queue preshow room before the main ride begins. Your commanding officer of the UN/NATO COLONIAL MARINES briefs you as cadets or recruits about a dangerous mission you are about to undertake. He tells you about a colonist base on the planet Archeron/LV-426, yet another homebase built over the same spot where the previous one stood in the 2nd film...Suddenly the transmission jams or breaks in with an S.O.S. incoming message from a lone, frightened surviving marine. He starts telling about his squadron being massacured by the ALIENS as they attempted to locate human life inside the complex. Unable to find any survivors (Just like the marines did in the 2nd film), the soldiers decide to plant a bomb to detonate and destroy the base, killing all the monsters in the explosion. Suddenly the ALIENS attack the soldiers, capturing or killing them. He pleads for somebody, anybody to come rescue him before the bomb explodes. So now your commander orders you to accompany another squadron of marines to rescue any survivors on Archeron before it is too late.

      Now you enter the turbo-ride simulator designed to look like the Armored Personnel Carrier or APC from the movie. The seats are programmed to move in sync with the film on the BIG SCREEN creating an illusion as though you are reenacting a scene from a movie! Once you and your fellow marines disembark from the mothership orbiting the and your fellow marines disembark from the mothership orbiting the planet, the dropship carries you down to the surface of LV-426 and arrives at the colony base. Then the APC rolls forward into the complex and begins searching for the 1st Squad survivors. Some survivors are found hiding inside the wreckage of another APC, ALIVE! Suddenly the ALIENS attack our squad and those we've come to rescue and the wargames commence. Next begins a series of shootouts, being chased through the corridors & hallways of the base by the monsters, and the grand finale is the confrontation with the QUEEN ALIEN herself! But we do escape before the bomb detonates with the survivors and return safely to the mothership in orbit high above.
      [Nathan's Note: This ride was featured on TV a few times, including segments on the Discovery Channel.]

    *- From David T.: I went to an Aliens ride in Granada Studios, Manchester,England. It was a ride where you sat in special seats that shook you about while you watch a piece of film that is similar to the scene in Aliens where most of the marines die. I'm not sure if it was the same scene because I can't remember.

 ALIEN 3 Trivia

    *- Which best-selling award-winning science fiction author tried his uncredited hand at a script for ALIEN 3? William Gibson. In his version Ripley spent most of the film in a coma.

    *- Richard Edlund, George Gibbs II, Alec Gillis, and Tom Woodruff were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Visual Affects for ALIEN 3 in 1993.

    *- ALIEN 3 was made for 70 million dollars,(or $50 million, depending who you talk to. (Internationally, it was a box-office success.)

    *- Although the alien that hatched from the dog was a rod puppet, early filmed tests used an actual dog in an alien costume.

    *- ALIEN 3 has a rather rare arcade game made based on it, entitled 'Alien 3: The Gun'. Current known locations are:
    - 6 Flags over Georgia (near the 'Scream Machine'), just outside Atlanta
    - Buffalo Bill's casino, on the Nevada/California border (The casino with the desperado roller coaster)
    - Circus Circus casino in Las Vegas.
    - Disneyland in California has one, in the Space Mountain arcade.
    - Scottsdale, Arizona has one. As Josh says: It is in scottsdale on Scottsdale road and it is south of Bell... but only by a few blocks. It shouldnt be that difficult to miss.
    - Dublin, Ireland has one in an arcade called Dr Quirk's. (Robby: "It's a very fun game.")
    - The Grand Prix Race-O-Rama in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida has one [thanks bug stomper!]
    - 'Sandy Balls' in Coventry (England). Also, if you put in a Pound you get 99 credits!
    - GGSTU found it at Paramount Canada's Wonderland (in Southern Ontario, Canada).

    *- Chris Cunningham, the music video-director extroidinare, also worked on Alien 3. He helped sculpt the Alien for the movie, based on H.R. Giger designs. His amazing video work includes Bjork (All is Full of Love), Aphex Twin (Come to Daddy, Windowlicker), Madonna (Frozen), Portishead, Squarepusher and more.

    *- ALIEN 3 made $55.473m (US) during its domestic theatrical run.

    *- ALIEN 3 has made $31.762m (US) in rentals.

    *- ALIEN 3 was Filmed in Studio Location of Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Bucks (UK)

    *- Sigourney Weaver was paid about $5.5 million for her role as Ripley in Alien 3.

    *- Charles Dance was originally cast as Brother John by Vincent Ward [Refer to the Background and Script area] and the producers. After Ward left and David Fincher came aboard the project, he was asked to stay aboard because they were so impressed with his talent. Although his role was changed into Alien 3's Clemens, the two characters are quite similar.

    *- The Vincent Ward script [see above trivia entry] was actually approved by Fox at one time, and was to be helmed by David Fincher. Sets of Arceon were actually under contruction when the studio pulled the plug. The plug was pulled for a few reasons: 1) Budget 2) Fox was not comfortable with all the religious overtones and the fact that they just couldn't understand why a bunch of monks would be in space 3) they wanted Sigourney to be the focus of the film. In this script, John is clearly the protagonist. [A HUGE pat on the back to jach1005 for posting this back in mid 1997!]

 ALIEN Resurrection Trivia

    *- Director Danny Boyle (Trainspotting) was offered to direct Alien Resurrection, but decided to pass on the film in early February, 1996.

    *- "During the publicity tour for his controversal film Crash, David Cronenberg has said that he was offered the director's chair for Alien Resurrection. Although he was excited by the idea of working with Sigourney Weaver and Winona Ryder, he realized that he could never put his own personal stamp on the film, so he declined." [Scoop swiped from Corona.]

    *- One of the characters in the Whedon script, (St. Just) was written for Asian action film star Chow Yun Fat.

    *- According to the October 11th Chicago Tribune, Bo Jackson read for a part in ALIEN 4.

    *- The full two minute trailer for Alien Resurrection was attached to the FOX flop film 'Speed 2.' It was later attached to 'The Edge.'

    *- Joss Whedon's script for ALIEN RESURRECTION went through five different versions of the final battle with the Newborn in such settings as a hospital maternity ward, a giant junkyard, a forest, a cliffside, and a desert.

    *- Whedon originally scripted the Newborn creature as a four-legged, eyeless, bone-white creature with red veins running along the sides of its head. It had an inner jaw, similar to the all the other aliens. It also had a pair of pincers on the sides of his head. These pincers were used to hold its prey still as it drained the prey of blood with its inner jaw. The creature was also larger, nearly the size of the queen alien. In later script revisions, the creature was changed into a "more believable" hybrid of human and alien.

    *- The first draft of the script contained an action sequence that took place in a garden contained within the spaceship "Auriga," with Ripley driving an electrically-powered jeep to avoid aliens attacking from all sides. This was to take place after the scene in the chapel but before the sequence where the Newborn is introduced. The sequence was cut due largely to budget constraints.

    *- Nigel Phelps based the design of the spaceship "Betty" on a jackhammer. The "Auriga" was originally to be a vertical structure, but he abandoned this idea once he realized the difficulty of capturing the scope of such a ship design on film.

    *- Sigourney Weaver actually made the behind-the-back half-court basketball shot on her own, despite the fact that the way the ball disappears offscreen for a split second before going into the basket implies that she had offscreen help. (She later mentioned on the Late Show with David Letterman that the director was implied that she had to hurry and make it, and they could always add it in post-production. Weaver then made the shot, but the Jeunet seemed dissapointed that it went out of frame. He mentioned that no-one would beleive that it was a real shot. Weaver then said that she'd go on every talk show and say that it was real! Weaver also had a basketball coach for that scene.

    *- /Mick passed this: When Sigourney Weaver actually did sink that basketball throw, Johner almost broke character by jumping, yelling and cheering. Fortunately, the cameras had stopped rolling at that point. (Taken from the Alien Resurrection book). [I woulda cheered too! :) Thanks Mick!]

    *- Alien 4 cut scenes... Pete Morton reports: In the "Alien Resurection" novelisation, there is a scene where the newborn alien hybrid tries to shag Ripley - If you look at the creature in the film, there's a kind of seam running up across the belly from between it's legs. In the book, the creature embraces Ripley and it's penis emerges from this apeture, but she fights it off. I had read an article before the film was released (Again in SFX magazine) which briefly mentioned "An alien / Ripley sex scene!" and thought the same as you - that the scene involving the alien carrying Ripley was that scene in a toned down form.

    *- ALIEN Resurrection cost at least 70 million dollars to make.

    *- Sigourney Weaver got paid 12 million dollars to reprise her role as Ripley.

    *-Actor Ron Perlman nearly drowned while filming the underwater sequence. At one point, when trying to surface, he hit his head on a sprinkler in the ceiling, knocking him out cold. He was rescued by nearby film crew members.

    *- ALIEN Resurrection had Production Dates of 20 November 1996 - May 1997.

    *- ALIEN Resurrection's opening weekend domestic box-office take was $25.789m (US), on 2,415 screens.

    *- ALIEN Resurrection's US/Canada box-office gross was $47.748m (US).

    *- ALIEN Resurrection's non-USA/Canada box-office gross was over $105m (US).

    *- ALIEN Resurrection's UK box-office gross was at least £7.208m (UK).

    *- The IMDB lists several statistics on the number of admissions to the movie:
          2,532,389 in France.
          1,811,773 in Germany.

    *- Probably the rarest of all forms of the ALIEN Resurrection home video release is the DIVX version. This format is similar to the DVD, only it operates on a 'pay every time you play' philosophy. The format was abandoned in June of 1999.

    *- The music used in the Alien Resurrection trailer was titled "Code Red" and was made by Immediate Music. This is a peice that is only available for trailers. Ken passes along more information, as he also called the company, and they told him that they only lease their music out to clients. Ken continues: So unless you cut trailers you might no be able to get it. The guy also said the site should be up and running by the end of August, and that they might have a way for people to listen to their music. The guy said it all depends, if they get a lot of requests a Cd might be put out, or they might sell the music to people.
    Also, on the Alien Resurrection DVD the song is at the end of the Featurette under the extra feature section.

    *- What is Alien Resurrection's film length? It was 3000 metres. (The actual length of the film used, not the running time.) For more info on film length (and Finnish classification of movies over 60 minutes, just Click Here.

    *- Alien Resurrection was rated '16' in Finland.

    *- The Finnish title of Alien Resurrection is Alien - ylösnousemus.

    *- The Swedish title of Alien Resurrection is Alien Återuppstår, which actually means 'Alien Resurrects'. [Thanks to Simon A.]

    *- In Norway, the name of Alien Resurrection is Alien - Oppstandelsen, which means 'Alien - The Revival' if you translate it roughly. [Thanks to Spug]

    *- Alien Resurrection was nominated and won several awards:

      * (Academy of Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Films, USA) Saturn Award for :
            Best Actress (Sigourney Weaver)
            Best Supporting Actress (Winona Ryder)
            Best Director (Jean-Pierre Jeunet)
      * Golden Satellite Award for :
            Best Motion Picture - Animated or Mixed Media (Bill Badalato, Gordon Carroll, David Giler, Walter Hill)
      * Blockbuster Entertianment Award for :
            Favorite Actress - Sci-Fi (Sigourney Weaver)
      * Blockbuster Entertianment Award for :
            Favorite Supporting Actress - Sci-Fi (Winona Ryder)
      * Bogey Award (German Film award)

 Other Series Trivia...

    *- H.R. Giger's art was first published in the U.S., not as a book, but as a cover illustration for a rock group. It was 'Emerson, Lake, and Palmer's "Brain Salad Surgery."

    *- H.R. giger's seminal collection of his artwork, Neconomicon, takes its name from a work by American fantasy writer H.P. Lovecraft. It is the title of a classic horror story he wrote.

    *- An error in the 1999 ALIEN 20th anniversary calender? It says that "The Sulaco is destoryed in space due to a fire caused by xenomorph faceHUGGERS." This is a major 'question' in ALIEN 3, as only one egg was shown.

    *- Noted science fiction writer alan Dean Foster is the author of the novels based on the first three films. For fans, his first novelization was incredibly important, as it was for many years one of the few sources of information describing the "lost" cocoon sequence - edited out of ALIEN after he had turned in his manuscript.

    *- The quartet of ALIEN movies has earned more than 282 million dollars in the U.S. box office.

    *- The ALIEN drinks Pepsi. Near the release of ALIEN 3, a commercial was made that had two young kids running down the street, like the Alien was chasing them. Then, the Alien spots a Pepsi machine, and drinks...it is a good ad and wasn't aired for long.

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