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ALIEN Series News

Welcome to the news section. If you have an ALIEN related news tidbit, please email me so I can add it to the website. Thanks!

  February 27, 2017/font>
    Bill Paxton passes away
    Bill Paxton has passed away after suffering a complication / stroke after heart surgery. Variety article is here. Close friend James Cameron also released a statement.

    A sad day. Bill was an accomplished actor in both TV and Movies, and a very memorable character from Aliens. I had the opportunity to see him speak at the Aliens Expo'sed event (click link for youtube video). and his intro garnered a full house of applause. Also, a recent panel interview on the 30th anniversary of Aliens can be seen here.
    Our thoughts and condolences to his family.

    Aliens Covenant
    Other websites have details on this movie! The new Alien movie, directed by Ridley Scott, is only a few months away! May 19th is the release date. This is a sequel to the 2012 film Prometheus. Official Site, Wikipedia, IMDB.

  June 24, 2015/font>
    James Horner passes away
    James Horner has passed away in a Plane crash. He was flying his own plane when it crashed.

    A sad loss for the film community. Personally, his film scores for Willow and Aliens rank among my favourites. He had composed many other films, including James Cameron's Avatar, Titanic, and Star Trek II. A very sad loss.

    Aliens Expo'sed
    The cast of Aliens came together last year for a one-time Q&A event in Calgary. I was lucky enough to be in attendance.

    Now you can watch the entire thing on youtube, just click here.

    Alien 5

    It has a director, Neill Blomkamp.
    It has a plot being developed, and now it has an official title "Alien 5". The movie might have a shot at being released next year.

  April 27, 2014
    The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo had an amazing event; The reunification of Sigourney Weaver, Bill Paxton, Michael Biehn, Paul Reiser, Carrie Henn, Lance Henriksen, Janette Goldstein, Mark Rolston, and Ricco Ross (Ripley, Hudson, Hicks, Burke, Newt, Bishop, Vasquez, Drake, and Frost). This was the first time they were all together since the filming of the movie. During the expo they had various photo ops and autograph sessions, including for about $500 you could get a picture taken with all of them at once. The highlight was a special ALIENS EXPOsed, which had the cast on stage (in front of about 1500 fans), answering questions and talking about their experiences on the film. I was able to attend the event and it was fun, informative, and interesting evening.

    Eventually someone will post the entire 2 hour session on youtube. I recorded a few bits and will get those uploaded eventually. Some random trivia mentioned, some known, some not:
    - Mark Rolston & Ricco Ross bulked up and posed in front of the mirror with each other (running joke throughout the night)
    - 3 month training with SAS before the movie, Michael Biehn avoided this due to his late casting
    - Ricco turned down a role in Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket to be in Aliens, but only after James Cameron assured him he'd get a good role
    - Michael got a call on a Friday from Gale Anne Hurd, asking if his "passport was up to date", and was on his way to England for filming on Sunday.
    - The Marines (other than Michael, due to his late casting) personally customized their armour prior to filming
    - Bill Paxton suggested some of his dialogue, such as the "Express Elevator to Hell", to James Cameron, who said he could use it
    - Janette Goldstein was working (stage actress) next to a gym, and was working-out as a pastime prior to filming
    - Bill was at an airport when he ran into James, who told him to write a part for him. A script was sent to him later on
    - James cameron working on three scripts at once in his garage; Aliens, Rambo (Likely Rambo 2), and the Terminator. He had 3 desks and wrote parts when the time was right
    - Lance Henriksen has his own shooting script from the film, with his notes
    - Paul Reiser is a natural comedian, he was able to get a lot of laughs during his time talking
    - Carrie Henn got the role after screen testing with Sigourney Weaver (it was down to her or another girl)
    - Carrie also got picked on in school afterwards. She is currently a Public school teacher
    - Sigourney Weaver used her own hotel room for the cast afterparty following the Hollywood Premier of the film
    More notes as a remember them. I'm sure the entire video will be posted soon.

    A few pictures: (Although I was close to the stage, my Camera had a limited zoom lens!)

    more Links on the event:
    Flickr site with many great pictures!
    Getty Pictures
    Calgary Herald (and Interview)
  January 1, 2014
    Happy new year!
    The site will now be located at this domain for a long, long time.
    And, hopefully, updates will happen, new movies will be made, and everyone has a happy new year!

  August 28, 2012
    Transitional State!
    Much thanks to Bjorn & Dan; the Alien Movies Resource will be moving to www.aliensvspredator.net/amr/ for a little while. Bjorn has been a gracious host for a long time, and I want to thank him for all his help and efforts over the past few years.

    A new website address means I'm ready for a change of pace. Maybe i'll get my own domain! Thanks for sticking with me during the transition.

  July 22, 2012
    Charity event!
    There is a charity fundraiser in Seattle, WA next Saturday. There is a screening of Alien. It's $5 to get in and that includes free entry into a giveaway wherein people can win a free pass to the EMP Museum, a copy of the film, a "Facehugger" kombucha mother, and FREE POPCORN!! The EMP Museum in Seattle has a sci-fi and horror exhibit and if folks win they can have the chance to hang out with the original xenomorph from Alien! Hicks' helmet is there, along with the facehugger from Aliens that Burke throws in to Ripley and Newt, and even Ripley's gun from Alien. For more info, you can click here and also here.
    Thanks to Gem for the info!

    I finally saw Prometheus. Good movie. It reminded me of Alien in terms of how it is filmed and the pace of the story. Good story, and impressive special effects. The 3D was well worked into the film. There were a few downsides to the film, but i'll let you all make your own opinion! Prometheus has made $125 Million domestically, and another $175 Million worldwide. The total domestic gross is now the highest (although adjusted for inflation it falls behind Alien and Aliens. Worldwide, it is #1 compared to the rest of the series! Click here for more box office info on the series.

  June 7, 2012
    CNN writeup...and more...
    The news bytes are pouring in. Read CNN's writeup which also mentions Ridley's upcoming Blade Runner sequel (!!)

    The Toronto Sun Doesn't have a review, but just a blurb.

    USA Today gives it 3 outta 4...

    The Gaurdian projects that Prometheus will beat Alien when comparing the box office take...

    Forbes collects some not-so-positive comments on the film...

    The Examiner has a nice interview with Idris Elba (and others, check the links for Noomi Rapace & Damon Lindelof...

    The Southern isn't really a fan...

    MSNBC has a nice review, along with Calgary Herald (link will be activated shortley i'm presuming...).

    Want more? Sure. The NC Times really liked the film, Michael Fassbender talks about it to the Wall Street Journal.

    Much more to come.
  June 4, 2012
    Ahhh....the movie is here!
    The TV adverts are now playing in North America...one version has the background music of "twinkle twinkle little star"...funny, that is the same music they used in the Alien Resurrection trailer 15 years ago! I was going to post all of the videos, however, the Prometheus News Official Youtube site does it nicely. OK....here is one TV ad...

    Good grief. I need to start checking the websites and getting all my ALIEN collectables in order. No-one does it better than Alienscollection.net! Time to get myself a poster from the movie.

    Cinefex to feature Prometheus...

    I have a huge stack of Cinefex magazines. They are the source for special effects info on movies. There upcoming issue #130 will feature Prometheus...and it will be a must-get if you want to know about the movie and the effects...and Prometheus will get a cover treatment! This continues the tradition of the great coverage Cinefex provides. Alien was in issue #1, Aliens was #27 (on the cover), Alien 3 was #50 (also on the cover), and Alien Resurrection was featured in #73. It has been a long wait for a new Alien article!

    From Cinefex: "If you’re one of the legions of Alien fans who have waited more than three decades for filmmaker Ridley Scott to bring his Alien mythology back to the big screen, then you won’t want to miss the newest issue of Cinefex, due out Friday, June 8, featuring a 25-page article on the making of “Prometheus.” Look for in-depth interviews with the film’s leading effects artists and learn the secrets behind the movie’s mind-blowing visuals. Accompanying the article are 31 color images – frame clips from the film and behind-the-scenes shots -- many of them exclusive to Cinefex." You can pre-order your copy now by visiting the online store at: http://www.cinefex.com/next_issue.html.

    Alien App?

    I got a request to give a shout to a new Alien app, called the Alein Series Companion. Hit this http://bit.ly/Il5d9J to see more. It covers all of the Alien movies, Prometheus and the AVP movies. Thanks to Jason.

    Official Prometheus Store...and more!

    Shop 'til you drop at the Official Prometheus Store from Fox. Hmmm...a nice improvement over the old Alien Resurrection long-sleeve shirt they offered when that movie premiered!

    More official stuff...info on the marketing campaign.

    And the Official Site, of course. Or do you prefer Project Prometheus?

    Don't forget...AVP Galaxy has everything...and more.

    Track the box office of Prometheus! Over $50 million in the International market after less than a week!

  January 1, 2012
    Happy New Year!

    Prometheus Trailer
    GREAT trailer. This was released December 22 and the film looks fantastic...

    You can also see the trailer and a lot of new pictures from the film on the official Prometheus site, or even the facebook site...and there is even a Twitter site. Ahh, social media!

    Interesting snippet from MTV when speaking to Tom Rothman, FOX CEO of Filmed Entertainment (probably the guy who green-lit this movie). He shares his thoughts about the leaked Prometheus trailer (leaked in early December, before the official release). Click here to read.

    Charlize Theron talks about her character.

    Erich von Daniken inspired Prometheus, According to the Hollywood Reporter, [Ridley] Scott explains, “NASA and the Vatican agree that is almost mathematically impossible that we can be where we are today without there being a little help along the way . . . That’s what we’re looking at (in the film), at some of Eric van Daniken’s ideas of how did we humans come about.” Old news, but cool nonetheless. Click the link for more.

    Damon Lindlof (co-writer) shares his thoughts on working with Ridley Scott, and more.

    Ridley Scott is done with xenomorphs.
    More quotes from Ridley, including him saying that he'll never work in 2D again.

    Noomi Rapace thinks that Prometheus was so intense. Good!

    More to come. Thanks for visiting!
  August 20, 2011   July 30, 2011   July 30, 2010
    New home!
    Big thanks to AVP Online Encyclopedia for offering to host AMR! I'll continue updating the existing site while uploading the files to the new location. Stay tuned for a new AMR URL and some new content.

    Update: I've uploaded most of the old site. I'm attempting to upload and update as I go along... much more to go. There are still many broken links. Also, many of the sound files don't work...

  July 11, 2009
    Tour ADI (Amalgamated Dynamics) and more...
    Cinema Heritage Project presents exclusive tours of special effects studio Amalgamated Dynamics (ADI) , plus movie screening of Aliens Vs. Predator and celebrity guests, on Aug. 8. ADI did much of the effects work on Alien 3, and Alien Resurrection.

    This event is free and includes tours of the studio. Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr. (Founders of ADI) will speaking in the evening, before the filming of AvsP in the ADI parking lot.

    For more info, you can go to the Cinema Heritage site, or read this flyer. Amazing opportunity to see the studio! The ADI website has some pictures of their various Alien related ventures. Check it out.

  May 25, 2009
    Credit Card Alien
    The local newspaper Calgary Herald had a great picture on their editorial section. (Click on the image for a larger version). It depicts Ottawa, (Canada's captial city) representing the government, and credit card companies, represented, of course, by the Alien. Great artwork!

  May 24, 2009
    New ALIENS comic series
    Dark Horse comics are starting a brand new series based on the ALIENS franchise, set to be up for sale May 27. Go to the website for a great preview...artwork looks great. You can also enter a contest on the website for some great Aliens related comic prizes.

  March 13, 2009
    Say "No" to a nude Ripley?
    Funny article on MSN.ca, titled "The naked truth: 10 nude scenes we didn’t need to see!"

    Here is the the main blurb, followed by the Alien content:

    "I didn't need to see that," I thought. And I really didn't need to see it a second time.
    I am reminded of this as we await the imminent release of “Miss March,” an R-rated road trip comedy about a bumbling boy’s nudity-filled quest to find his former girlfriend (now a “Playboy” model) after coming out of a coma. There are boobies, bimbos and the film features more nudity than your teenage brother’s laptop (Hugh Hefner also makes a cameo). It’s enough to get any prude’s turtleneck in a bunch. Of course, “Miss March” isn’t the first film to feature body bits we didn’t really need to see. So, here are 10 other movies featuring bits of nudity that, frankly, I could have lived without.

    "Alien" (1979)
    I love Sigourney Weaver. She's beautiful, smart (even went to Stanford, where she wrote for their humour magazine). In short, she can be my gatekeeper any time. And in "Alien," which I was too young to see when it came out in theatres, but enjoyed thoroughly on video, she was an inspiration. Except for her taste in underwear. In the big reveal, she's fiddling with the controls on her spaceship while wearing nothing but a beige tank top and a pair of underpants too short even to be called briefs. And although it's true that in space, no one can hear you scream, in a movie theatre, everyone can hear people laughing at your exposed crack.

  March 11, 2009
    Skerrit in Seattle
    Tom Skerrit (Dallas in ALIEN) is scheduled to introduce a screening of Alien in Seattle on April 4th, 2009. The screening is part of a 24-hour movie marathon fund-raiser for the Seattle International Film Festival. Single tickets for the screening of Alien (with Captain Dallas in attendance) go on sale March 13th. Find out more by clicking here.

    The entire marathon will include: Harold & Maude, Alien, Monty Python & The Holy Grail, Goldfinger, Dr Strangelove, a "Secret" screening, Raising Arizona, Pulp Fiction, Run Lola Run and The Wizard of Oz. The King Cat Theater has a bar in the lobby! Time to party Alien style!
    Thanks to Bryan for the tip.

    I'll start updating more regularly!

  June 16, 2008
    Stan Winston dies
    Stan Winston (April 7, 1946 – June 15, 2008) died Sunday after a long battle with multiple myeloma. Stan Winston died peacefully at home surrounded by family. Along with Aliens, he was a special effects lead for such films as Terminator 2, Predator, and Jurassic Park. In 1987 he won an Academy Award for his work with Aliens.

    While his work will be missed, thankfully his legacy continues with the expansion of the Stan Winston name to multiple companies and platforms. Visit Stan Winston's official website for more details.

    Upcoming films with effects by Stan Winston's studio are Avatar (James Cameron's next film), Jurrasic Park 4, and Terminator 4.

    RIP, Stan.
  March 29, 2008
    New Alien 5 Fan Script
    From J. Reynolds; Here is a quick synopsis:

    At the end of ALIEN 4, RIPLEY, the heroine of many encounters with the Alien arrives back on Earth with a small gang of new friends. We pick up her story immediately.
    She is the sole survivor of an encounter with border guards on Earth and falls into the clutches of a Corporation run by ROBINSONN.
    Although the Corporation know that she is a clone, they do not realise she is also a Human - Alien hybrid.
    They believe she is a highly resilient mutation. They repair her injuries then use her genetic information and Bio samples, plus data they have acquired from The Nostromo: RIPLEYS’ first ship, in a project to grow Robot/Droid’s in Hominoid host’s at their Moon base.

    To download or to read the script, head on over the FanFiction area, or just click here. Thanks J!

  February 24, 2008
    ALIENS makes an oscar appearance...
    One Oscar joke had John Stewart commenting on what montages would have appeared if the writers strike was still on. One of the montages was "Bad Dreams, An Oscar Salute" and had a quick clip of Ripley waking up from her bed on Gateway Station in Aliens.
    Well, I thought it was funny.

    First 4 Figures does Dredd & Aliens
    First 4 Figures has done a highly detailed Judge Dredd & Aliens figure. Go to the Website by clicking herefor more details. It will be limited to 1000 units, and stands 12 inches tall. A picture of it is on the right, click for a large shot. [Thanks Alex]

  October 10, 2007
    Nice Weyland-Yutani T-shirt
    Here is a neat item available on cafepress; Click here to visit the Weyland-Yutani shirt. They look pretty good! Thanks Ken for the heads-up.

      . AVP Poster giveaway
    The fine folks at Alien Experience have teamed up with FOX to giveaway 10 posters for the upcoming 'Alien vs. Predator: Requiem" movie, set to open up on Christmas day. Once again, great work at AlienExperience. Click on the picture for a larger version.

  March 24, 2007
    Cut Scenes sections uploaded
    Finally, I've uploaded the Alien 3 cut-scenes section. To visit it click here. This section details every difference I've been able to spot from the Special Edition and the Pre-release when compared to the theatrical version. Surprisingly, there are a good amount of scenes unique to both the Special Edition and the pre-release. My next step will be to uploading multiple pictures I have of the scenes...next week!

  March 11, 2007
    New Alien Script
    "Alien Revelation" is a new alien script from Alan Watkins. It is a full movie-length script, and well worth a read. To give it a look, visit the Fan Fiction area, or download it by clicking here. Thanks again Alan!

    Cut Scenes
    I had some time to work on the Cut-scenes section. I've uploaded a rough draft of the Alien, Aliens, and Alien Resurrection sub-sections. In a few weeks I should be able to update the rest of the cut-scenes, and add pictures, videos, and more. Stay tuned! You can visit what is up so far by clicking here.

    David Fincher's Zodiac
    I had a chance to watch Zodiac last week. It was classic Fincher, with his typical lighting and atmosphere. I also thought it was an excellent movie, very well done, intelligent, and a great film for Fincher to make. It does run long, at just under 2 hours and 40 minutes, however the film runs at a good pace throughout. I'd strongly recommend it!

    Cameron's latest work...
    James Cameron recently produced "The Tomb", or the "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" which details the investigation into the search and possible discovery of the tomb that holds (or held) the last remains of Jesus's family. I thought parts of the documentary were a bit contrived, however this is likely just due to the style of director/writer/archeologist Simcha Jacobovicisilly. There were some interesting historical lessons in the film....overall it was interesting to watch. It would be even more interesting if it could be comfirmed as the actual tomb, beyond all the evidence the film gave.

    Body count.
    The next website update will also include a "body count" derived from the films. Finally a chronological listing of who got killed first in all the alien series! What more could you ask for?

  February 2, 2007
    James Cameron's next film
    The following is a nice little article updating the world on Cameron's first film in 10 years.

    Cameron dives back into directing - Sci-fi epic first feature film in 10 years
    Calgary Herald; Anthony Breznican (from USA today).
    As he begins work on Avatar, his first feature film in a decade, James Cameron is applying some titanic lessons to the new sci-fi epic. The movie, announced Monday [January 8th] and due in theatres in summer 2009, is about an alien world where humans engage in remote conflict with a planet's alien population through remote-controlled bodies.
    It's Cameron's first feature film since 1997's Titanic broke box-office records, and it will show off some of the state-of-the-art 3-D technology he has developed since then. He says he is mindful of lessons learned from Titanic. Before it was the most successful movie of all time (with a worldwide box-office take of $1.8 billion US), Tiantic had a bedeviled water shoot and a balooning budget ($200 million).
    Then it swept through the box office, won 11 Oscars and set a new standard for blockbuster that no film has come clsoe to matching. The headaches were forgotton in the glow of the triumph. "It's like a pregnancy," says Tom Rothman, the Fox studio co-chair. "You only remeber the good things." But Cameron hasn't forgotton. "I've spent the past five or six years really thinking through how we can do this on budget." Cameron says, recalling his deep-sea dive documentaries and Dark Angel TV series were mostly problem-free.
    Digital sets and photo-real animated landscapes, combined with motion capture performances for the alien race similar to Gollum from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, have presented "a clever methodology for making a big, main stream effects action picture" without many variables, he says.
    The story, starring relative unknowns Sam Worthington (Hart's War) and Guess Who's Zoe Saldana, is about a soldier who at first part of Earth's movement to conquer an alien planet and then joins the indigenous races' resistance fight when he falls in love.
    Though partly paralyzed, the soldier is able to interact with the alien world by means of an avatar, which Cameron described as a "Genetically engineered biological body that is remotely operated by a human consciousness."
    Though the budget is still huge (Cameron says only that it's under $200 million), he says there is only a 31-day live-action shoot - a fraction of Titanic's and less even than Terminator 2's. "The clock is already running on the visual effects," he says, noting some motion-capture work has begin, and live-action shooting begins in April.

    If the film is released in 2009, that would mean a massive 2 years of post-production work after the live shooting. Should be interesting to hear news on this film.

    Alien news roundup
    Here is a quick summary of some of the Alien happenings in the past while:

    -- ALIEN War is coming to Scotland. AliensCollection.com has the full story.

    -- AvP 2 Production Photo. Aliensvspredator.de has a great hi-rez shot of an Avp2 production still. Enjoy.

    -- Syd Mead interview & Pics. Alien Experience has a great interview with Syd Mead, who worked on the visual designs of the Sulaco, among other things. Alien Experience also has some great pictures of some of the initial Sulaco sketches!

    Alien fan film
    Avishai Weinberger has mad a nice little fan-film based on...what else, Aliens! It is a quick 3 minutes. Check it out by clicking here. Any more fanfilms? Send me an email.

    This is old news, but I forgot to post a message about it a few months back. AVP Galaxy is back with lots of new features, has a gallery, downloads and a forum with alien and predator skins. Enjoy your stay there!

    8th Passenger
    A new Alien collecting website is up, called the Alien Collectible Archive. Nice design and plenty of info.

    Metal Band Tribute
    I can't believe I missed this news tidbit when I first got it. Check out Aliens-this-time-its-war.de, which is an ALIENS tribute from the heavy-metal band "Jaws" from Germany! Great stuff...even if you don't like the type of music. The entire CD is a tribute to different sections of the film. You must see it (or listen to it) to believe it. Thanks to Donath.

    I'm going to start finishing off some sections of this site. Slowly but surely....

  September 17, 2006
    More content...
    I've uploaded all the Alien related sounds in the sounds area. I'm still missing quite a few from what I used to have, but in time I'll add more. The Fan Fiction is now up and running. Some old (and broken) links exist however I'm working on getting other copies set for downloading. The Pictures area is now mostly complete. Just the screen captures to go. Other multimedia has been posted too. Soon I'll add more videos.

    Another section that will be soon be up and running is the Alien versus Predator 2 subsection. Now that filming is ready to start, more news should be coming available daily. Alien Experience is doing a great job on keeping up to date on AvsP2! The film is also being shot in Canada, in beautiful British Columbia. The BC Film Commission posted this:

    FV Productions Inc.
    Exec. Prod: Paul Deason
    Prod: John Davis
    Director: Greg Strause, Colin Strause
    DOP: Daniel Pearl
    PM: Warren Carr
    PC: Jena Niquidet
    LM: Steve Sach
    ALM: Peter Munro
    PD: Andrew Neskoromny
    Casting: Mayrs/Brandstatter
    Extras: Andrea Brown
    Sched: Sep 25 - Dec 6/06

    Neat Stuff. I live in Calgary, which is in Alberta...which is right next to BC. Hopefully that means some good local coverage of the filming once it begins. Thanks again to Alien Experience!

    I'll continue the updates as I have time. Thank you for visiting!

  August 6, 2006
    Update continues...
    The updates continue! I've uploaded the DVDs sections, and now i'm working on the pictures and extra downloads. I located copies of the NIN Aliens videos made by Starchild a few years back... I thought these were lost after a hard drive crash. I'll be uploading them and by next week they will all be veiwable! Thank you for visiting.

  July 18, 2006
    New design on-line
    Great! I've decided to upload phase 1 of the website. Most of the data is online, however there are some pages that i'm working on that I will activate when complete. My goal is to have the rest of the website (fully updated) online within the next few months.
    Currently the following sections are not finished: Characters, Cut-scenes, Pictures, Audio/Visual, DVDs, and the memorabilia area. However, each week will see new content come online.

    If you have any comments or suggestions on the layout, please pass me an email.

    Thank you for visiting!

  June 30, 2006
    Index Page activated
    I've activated the main index page, and i'm uploading and updating other pages. Sorry for the broken links.

  June 27, 2006
    Updated Links
    I've updated the Links section, and deleted well over 75% of the inactive non-working links. I'll expand the sections with new additions. I've also added a "link bar" on the main page for further ease of alien-web surfing.

  June 7-9, 2006
    Director for AvsP 2 announced
    The duo of The Brothers Strause have signed on to direct the next Alien vs. Predator film. They have experience in commercials and music videos, and this will be there first feature film. A comment from the brothers contained in a June 9th issue of Variety magazine: "We really want to take it back to the original 'Alien' and 'Predator' films and make a serious, gritty horror film." For a whole lot more, click on the links above, or visit Alien Experience.

  May 27, 2006
    Stan Winston on TV
    Stan Winston made an appearance on Canada's Space Channel, as part of the "Spaceys" awards for best in Sci-Fi and Fantasy over the past year.

May 26, 2006
    Time for some updates!
    I'm done school!!! 2 years of intense work for an MBA. Well worth it. :) For the next month I'm going to work a bit on the site, give it a 'facelift' and hopefully finish off and tidy up some areas. Stay tuned. Good stuff is on the way! :)

February 23, 2006
    Pop Ups Suck
    So the counter i've had for over 8 years changed names and now pushes pop-ups on visitors. The company sold out to a spamming firm. Bastards. So I'm changing counters. A bit of a shame, considering the 458,000 visitors that Nedstat tracked and the 8 years of statistical history. Anwyay, I apologize for the pop-ups that have polluted your computers and mine. It won't happen again!

    I'm going to redesign the website and overhaul a few sites. This should be done by the middle of the year. I'm still alive and i'd like to keep this site alive too! And I'm done school in 2 months so i'll have more time to really make this site shine.

December 23, 2005
    Jeopardy Appearance
    Jeopardy had a nice easy question, worth $800 if I recall correctly: "This 1979 film saw Sigourney Weaver battle an creature from space." The wording may be wrong, but of course the answer was ALIEN.

    Aliens and Alien gets ranked...
    FilmForce.net has a ranking of the Top 25 Sci-Fi Films of all time. Aliens comes in at #10, with a very glowing review, and Alien clocks in at #2. A good compilation of sci-fi films makes this list worth reading. For more, just go read the article

    Thanks go out to Alienexperience.com for that news bit. More news is on that site, so make sure to give it a visit.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all vistors! I hope Santa brings all the gifts you really need under the tree. :)
November 2, 2005
    Some Good bedtime Reading
    There have been a couple of very good Alien related books released in the past few months.
    The picture to the right is from Beautiful Monsters, written by David McIntee. From the release writeup:

    "In this unofficial companion, David McIntee takes us behind the scenes to reveal how the Alien films were developed, what their influences and antecedents were, and how they have continued to develop and influence to this day. We also take in the popular Predator films and see how, through various ranges of spin-off merchandise, we arrived at the 2004 clash of the titans, the long awaited Alien vs Predator movie. This book takes you further than ever before into the domain of the be beautiful monsters."

    I have read the book and was very impressed with the wealth of information and background details given to each film. A large amount of research went into this book and it shows. Next time you are at a bookstore give it a flip through. It is also a nice 'size' to carry around...like a well researched unofficial guide should be! Click Here for more information.

    The picture on the right is the cover from the book "Alien Woman: The making of Lt. Ellen Ripley, by Ximena Gallardo C. and C. Jason Smith. An excerpt from the release:

    "Before Buffy, there was Ripley.
    Across three decades and four films, Lt. Ellen Ripley's struggle with the fierce and terrible Alien and the powers that desire it traces the arc of women's struggles in America.
    Alien Woman is the first work to examine the constrution of sex and gender in the science fiction films comprising the Alien saga: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection, all starring Sigourney Weaver. Alien introduced audiences to their first enduring, self-reliant female hero, Lt. Ripley. Subsequent writers and directors of Alien films in the 1980s and 1990s, left to grapple with a strong female protagonist, re-envisioned Ripley to express and promote changing ideas about gender, sex, the female body, and woman's place in the late 20th century. Thus, the Alien saga becomes an important site for the discussion and study of the formation of sex and gender systems, the refashioning of the female body, and the creation and commodification of the female hero"

    Each chapter is focused on one film, and analyzes several aspects of Ripley, her creation, adaptation, and interpretation. This book is more academic than the previous book, but is still a good read and I enjoyed the approach and details that the authors brought forth. For more information, just Click Here.

    So there are the first two Alien Movies Resource's book reviews. If you have a chance, give them both a look. The more interest there is in these types of books, the better the chance to prolong the Alien film series! My kudos to the authors. They have done a great job on each book. Two thumbs up!

October 28, 2005
    A few of my scariest things...
    The Edmonton Journal among other papers distributed nationally, has an article for Halloween entitled Scariest Things by Jac MacDonald of The Edmonton Journal. As the article goes [edited]:

      "EDMONTON - Whether for fun, fright, or children, one way or another, most Canadians are into Halloween, making it one of the biggest annual events aside from Christmas.
      According to a new study conducted by Ipsos-Reid on behalf of Retail Council of Canada, more than 80 per cent of Canadians will be spending money on Halloween this year, and we will spend an average of $57 each on items such as candy, pumpkins, decorations and costumes.
      If the total of $1.1 billion Canadians will spend on Halloween this year isn't scary enough, we've compiled some lists of other items guaranteed to raise the hairs on the back of your neck.
      From movies to costumes, lists of some the scariest things ever come to you thanks to [various]"

      1. Alien, 1979, with Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley, directed by Ridley Scott.
      2. The Shining, 1980, with Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance, directed by Stanley Kubrick.
      3. Psycho, 1960, with Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates, directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
      4. Halloween, 1978 with Donald Pleasance as Dr. Sam Loomis and Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, directed by John Carpenter.
      5. Nightmare on Elm Street, 1984, starring Ropbert Englund as Freddy Kruger, directed by Wes Craven.
      1. the acid-dripping black reptile-like creature on Alien
      2. frankenstein's monster as acted by Boris Karloff.
      3. Dracula as acted by Bela Lugosi.
      4. the demon that possessed Linda Blair in The Exorcist.
      5. werewolf as portrayed in An American Werewolf in London.

October 23, 2005
    Science of Aliens
    The Science Museum in London as a great Science of Aliens exhibit. As it reports:

      "Frightened but intrigued by aliens? Why's that? Are they a new threat from another world or have we simply given our oldest and darkest fears and desires a make-over? Come and meet the science fiction classics, from bodysnatchers and bogeymen to the biggest baddies on the screen. But be careful...they bite!"

    The best thing is that you can see a full-size model of the killer queen from Aliens! The picture to the right is from the exhibit. Check out the museum if you can!
    [Nerdy note: The website of the exhibit lists that the Alien queen is from the film 'Alien,' when of course it is from Aliens. They should have asked me to double check their facts. :) ]

    Alien series DVD discounts!
    Check out your local DVD retailer. HMV, Amazon, and other stores are selling the ALIEN series dvd's for very large discounts...half off! So if you are missing a dvd or two in your ALIEN collection now is a great time to buy. Now this may mostly be in Canada but it appears that US based stores (Amazon) are also pushing the movies out the door. Hopefully this is in the UK/Europe also!

    James Cameron's Next...
    In the news recently was a mention of James Cameron's next flick. It is to be a science fiction epic, provisionally titled "Battle Angel." The interesting part is that this might be filmed in 3-D! It is very likely more news will be coming out soon, as 3-D technology is gaining new interest in Hollywood. Steven Spielberg is developing 3-D technology as well...where you DON'T have to wear 3-D glasses. Neat stuff.

    The German based SPACEart.de has recently been updated. Take a look and find the Alien goodies. :)

    Alien fiction - Alien Force
    The latest installment of the Alien Force is ready for reading. It is a fan's take on what Alien 5 should be. Just click here to download it directly, or surf to the Fan-Fiction area and see what else can be read. :)

    Other Alien related news....
    Alien Experience and Alien Collection. Too much information at those two sites to mention here. Just visit, read, and enjoy!

    I enjoyed posting the first 'real' mini-update in a while. I'll be more diligent in getting the news posted for the rest of the year. Thanks for dropping on by. :)

October 12, 2005
    What the heck!
    Despite what people may think, this website IS still alive and ticking.
    For the past year I've been in school (MBA) and that is sucking most of my time away. I also have finally corrected massive email problems that this website was having...long story short, I WILL update the site on the upcoming weekend with whatever information I have. Hopfully some of it will be unique!

    Thank you for visiting, and have a great day!

June 10, 2005
    Small AVP mention...
    Just a very small update (More stuff is 'in the pipeline' but will take time):
    The ALIEN vs PREDATOR Dvd can be obtained cheaply as a previously viewed DVD at numerous dvd rental shops. Specifically, Rogers Video (In Canada) has it for $10, so Blockbuster will likely have it within the same price range.

    I'm also going to change the email contact address for the website...It will become a handy gmail address! The end result is that there will be minimal (if any) email issues, ever again.

    More info soon. Thanks for visiting!

February 23, 2005
    Very rare poster for sale
    The pictures to the right are from what could be one of the rarest Alien related posters to ever be released. And it is for sale:

    Attention ALIEN fans. A numbered lithograph of the first video release of the ALIEN movie by Magnetic Video is available for sale.
    Magnetic Video is one of the first home video companies and was the predecessor of CBS/FOX Video and FoxVideo. This lithograph is #95 out of 200 lithographs. Mint condition. Framed and matted. Contact Karen at karen-nyhlen@adelphia.net for more information.

    Thanks Karen! Very unique poster...just click on the pictures for larger versions.
February 22, 2005
    I mentioned this a little while ago, but time for a refresher...this is a retailer that is looking to grow. Visit YumiModal.com, where some amazing metal-models await your viewing pleasure (and purchase.) I like the little alien on the picture link to the right. Full size ALIEN tables are available too!

    French Quadrilogy Release?
    A report from the alt.cult-movies.alien newsgroup says that FOX has made a limited run (1000 to 1500 copies) of the ALIEN Head "box" set of the latest DVD release. This would be similar to the Japanese version... [click here to view that set.] The French version is set to be released on February 25th. The box set will run at about 150 Euros, which is about $243 Canadian Dollars, or $198 U.S. bucks.

    Quick update coming tomorrow...some pictures of a very rare poster coming up! :) Also, I'm going to go through the links section to get ride of the obsolete sites and add some new ones. It has been at least 1-2 years since the last "cull." So you are now warned of dead links that lurk there! :) Thank you for visiting.

February 20, 2005
    Fox Studios Baja - Pictures!
    Finally! I've got some pictures for all to see from Fox Studios Baja in Mexico. Just click on the image for much larger versions.
      The first picture is a shot from behind the entrance monument...it says "Foxploration". Notice the Fox Studio Baja sign in the background. The second shot is James Cameron's autograph in the cement inside the complex.
      A soldiers backpack from Alien Resurrection was featured in a nice "box." Many of these boxes were on display around the centre, showcasing props from different FOX movies. This was in the hallway outside a mini-theatre inside the complex. The movie showed clips of the history of the FOX Baja Studios...mostly Titanic stuff.
      Just inside the main 'tourist' unit of the complex, this huge Alien prop was on display. With the golden colour of the body I'd imagine it was from Alien 4...but it could just be for show only. However, the Alien egg did look authentic. These props were very large; to give an idea for scale I'm 6 foot 2 inches (1.88 metres) tall and the Alien towered over me.
    Here are 4 pictures from a very cool chamber claiming to be from Alien Resurrection (ignore the pink bunny curtain in the background.) Inside was an even cooler mock-up of a Ripley clone (??) from the film. The detail on the Ripley clone was amazing. It is worth taking a closer look. :) One bad thing about the complex was that there was no Alien goodies to take home from the gift shop. The entire complex was very clean, and I'm sure with more movies being made there the studio will grow into a much larger 'museum' and working-studio that it is now.

    Alien Force 2.0
    Andy Conner has sent along his latest version of the ALIEN FORCE story/script... without Alien 5 being made by the studio this is next closest thing! :) Just surf over to the FanFiction area to read it, or just click here. Thanks Andy!

January 17, 2005
    Fox Studios Baja
    On my honeymoon I had a chance to visit the Fox Studios Baja (near Rosarito Mexico) and take a quick tour of what they have for all to see. This is the studio that was built for James Camron's Titanic, and numerous other films have been shot there (Master and Commander, Deep Blue Sea). Various sets, props and fun-stuff abound in this nice little area in Mexico. They had some nice props of a pod and Ripley/Alien from Alien Resurrection, much to my surprise. I took numerous photos and will have them on the website asap (on the weekend).

    Yumi Modal
    Yumi Modal makes models, and her work is downright amazing. In fact, the ALIEN type of metallic structures (from small to full sized) are incredible. You must go to the website to view the selection and designs. Honestly, I was blown away by the creativity! Thanks for the work, Yumi!

    ALIEN re-release poster
    Excellent poster up for auction at ebay. I had never seen this poster before. It is a special poster for the 2003 theatrical re-release of the film ALIEN. Check out the link to see the picture. Reserve wasn't met so it'll be on ebay again...

    Darn Email!
    I've got more email troubles. I can send now, but can't receive. I'm working on the problem... I was wondering why I had no emails in the last 3 weeks....very frustrating!

    In any case, thank you for visiting!

December 25, 2004 (Merry Christmas!)
    Alien references...
    New Alien References, from the TV advertisement for Nik-Naks. (A shot for shot pastiche!) Thanks to Caananite & Christian.

    Carburators in Space
    A note from Larry tells us that in the scene in ALIEN 3 where they look for batteries, they search in a box, and in the box there is a 2bbl Carburator. Larry would like readers to know that as he rebuilds carbs and recognized the part! Thanks Larry!

    Minor updating...
    I'll be doing 'minor' updates on the site...at times there may be some dead links but I'm hoping to get all that cleared up before the new year :) Thank you very much for visiting! :)

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