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ALIEN Series Links

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This section contains a large amount of Internet Links related to the ALIEN film series. Fan sites, official sites, movie sites, and much more. If you think I'm missing a webpage, have any comments, or want to add a site, just email me.

Places to Shop for ALIEN Goodies

    Amazon.com (books & more)
    Amazon.com. The largest store on the planet. Alien books everywhere.

    Allposters.com (posters)
    Various Alien related posters, and thousands of other prints.

    YumiModal.com (metalworks)
    Amazing metalwork, from ALIENS and many other movies. Want a custom Alien table set? Or a small metal alien trinket? This is the place to go. Great stuff!

Affiliates and the best Alien websites

    Alienscollection.com is *the* site for information on Alien merchandise

    Alien LEGEND
    Alien Legend: Easy to navigate design, and tonnes of goodies!

    Al's Alien Page
    Al has pictures, multimedia, and much more for every movie.

    The Harry Harris Collection
    An amazing site by this Aliens prop collector.

    Aliens Archive
    A neat resource for props, collectables, and rareities.

    The Alien Experience
    New layout, new location and new info. A great fan site.

    Planet Alien
    Great design and engaging graphics. Truly unique and worth a visit.

    Alien Timeline
    The master time chart for the entire Alien series

Official Alien websites
Movie Websites
The Top ALIEN Fan Pages
    ALIEN: The Story In Pictures
    See the Movie told in pictures. Great design and website.

    Alien Collectors Homeworld
    A brilliant site, great layout, with pics, info and everything you need to know about ALIEN collectables.

    Nice website, lots of info...can't wait for AVP 2!

    Good navigation, atmosphere, and Alien goodies!

    Aliens Movie
    A work in progress, but still plenty to share...great info on the cast and background of ALIENS characters.

    An "Aliens community" area website.

    ALIEN Interactive Story
    The name says it all!

    AliensNL website
    Many great screenshots from the series, with other ALIEN related pics. :)

    Serena Dawn
    Owned, operated and maintained by Weyland Yutani. Home of the Alien-FUZION RPG database!

    This site has great customized ALIENS figures....take a look, and prepare to be amazed. :)

    INKPOT Movie Reviews : ALIEN 3
    Why Sigourney Weaver is Jesus. (just read it...)

    Brian Wyvill's ALIEN site
    This University of Calgary professor managed to get a 'screen credit' in ALIEN.

    This is an excellent site on the series, all in Italian. Great design!

    Fiorina 161
    Alien 3 info, extra goodies, and a great design...check it out!

More ALIEN Websites
    The Movie Mesh Site
    3d models of ALIENS Equipment.

    Alien Lair
    Arins Alien Lair. :)

    BugStomper's Homebase
    A great german based site for the alien series.

    Ryley's Alien and Predator Website
    A fan site informing all about Aliens and Predators.

    This german site has many pictures of excellent Alien models (painted and all!)

    Visit Alienhunters, for info on various bits of the Alien series, including RPG.

    Alien Affiliation
    Alien Affiliation is up for viewing. It contains pics, text, and info right now, and is sure to grow.

    'Bienvenue sure le site Nostromo' is the message that beckons visitors to this french website.

People of the Series
ALIEN RPG / Online / Mailing Lists
More Movie Related Links
    Director File
    Director File has a huge amount of info on Chris Cunningham (he worked on Alien 3 and Alien 4), and a few other excellent directors.

    Drew's Script-o-rama
    A huge script site from a master bandwidth stealer. ;-D

    Film Score Monthly
    The web edition of the film score magazine.

    Film Tracks
    A film score information resource!

    FilmMusic.com is a huge info resource!

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